Sunday and a Bloody Mary

Sunday and a Bloody Mary

As I whipped up pancakes yesterday morning, my husband asked if I wanted a Bloody Mary. Pancakes, syrup and bloodies—not so sure about that combination. But it was Sunday and the day before our anniversary, so I just had to.

When we wed two years ago, we exchanged letters and read them with our backs to each other before our First Look. It was a special moment—one I’d highly recommend to any engaged couples out there. I’ll never forget my ever-so-poetic husband’s introduction: “We fit together like Sunday and a Bloody Mary ;)”—emoji and all.

Two years later, I can say there’s a lot of truth to that statement.

Since that day, we welcomed a baby girl, sold our house and moved into a new one. This probably sounds pretty standard for a couple in their late 20s embarking on their life journey. It’s been a lot though. Truth be told, we crammed a lot of crazy into the last 730 days. I could go into the crazy of our adventures, but I’ll leave that up to your imagination. What really matters is that we’re simply magic when we do this thing called “life” together. {Insert Sunday and Blood Mary analogy here.} I am so grateful for this man, the life we’re building, the amazing father he is, his humor and everyday antics, and the way he supports my dreams and encourages my heart.

Most recently, I’ve come to appreciate the last item just mentioned. I know, sounds cliche: he supports my dreams and encourages my heart. Are we watching a Hallmark movie? But, let me explain. These past two years, I’ve focused nearly all my time and energy on being a wife and mother. I don’t regret that one bit; it’s where I needed and ultimately wanted to invest. As of late, though, I can’t shake this desire to do and be more. Billy and I often joke that I need a hobby, but it’s 100% true. I’m not talking about any old hobby. (Let’s be real; I work full-time, have an 11-month baby, and am knee-deep in home projects with the hubby.) My time is too sacred to throw random hobbies at a wall and see what sticks. I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on my passions and what sets my soul on fire, which brings me to The Joy Journal.

Last week, I told Billy, “I’m going to start a blog…” and waited for his response, a response I predicted and played over and over in my head in the days prior. His actual response? “That’s great! I’m happy for you. You’re a great writer.” One hundred percent supportive, one hundred percent excited, one hundred percent encouraging. Thank you, Jesus! I wish I hadn’t placed so much weight on his opinion; I needed to do this for myself regardless of what he thought. However, it always feels amazing to have the backing of your life partner. ALWAYS.

This isn’t the only way he’s supported by dreams as of late. Some of my girlfriends and I are Rachel Hollis super fans. We’ve legit adopted her tips and tricks for goal-setting or, as we like to call it, “goal-getting.” She recently hosted a three-day RISE conference in Minneapolis. Two of my friends went and haven’t stopped raving ever since…to the point where my friend Sara and I are super annoyed and jealous. Sara joined a Facebook group for people interested in scoring tickets for her next conference in Dallas. (Tickets sold out within minutes of going live, so the only way to get tickets is by chance of others not being able to attend.) On a Tuesday night at literally 8:00, Sara texted me about a pair of available tickets. I remember sitting on the couch and biting my nails. Should we do it? Without giving it further thought (I have a way of over-thinking these things and eventually talking myself out of doing them), I asked Billy about it. The funny thing is, my question came literally minutes after talking about saving money and budgeting. This nearly $1,000 venture to Dallas was definitely NOT in the budget. To my surprise, he said, “Go for it. You need to do fun things like this.” (To be clear, this is more than just a fun thing for me–we’re talking about Rachel Hollis here–but who really cares.) Once again, here’s my hubby being 100% supportive and encouraging of my heart and dreams. Girl, get yourself a partner like this! I ran laps around the couch and kitchen island for a half hour that night.

So, there you have it: I’m on my way to investing in me and pursuing my dreams, once again. It’s so important to have dreams for your marriage, your family AND yourself. I literally feel that I am living my very best life, and friends, it feels so, so good. I couldn’t do any of this without my husband and super baby daddy. And let me tell you, I have every intent to return the favor when Billy likely picks up coaching again this fall–a passion near and dear to his heart. Hear me when I say, it is SO important to invest in YOU. When you invest in you, those you love most reap the benefits too.

Babe, here’s to another year of pushing each other, showing up for each other, loving each other…oh, and going together like Sunday and a Bloody Mary. 😉

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