Birthday Wish

A birthday wish for my daughter:

Jacqueline Ruth, how I long to tell you,
The joy that you are – sweet, precious you.
A year has flown by like the month of June,
And memories savored, like a harvest moon.

I could write you a story, sing you a song,
Of the times we’ve had, some nights that were long.
Cuddles and dreams in the rocking chair,
Stealing butterfly kisses beneath your locks of hair.

Days at the park, swinging in the sun.
Days at home, chasing you for fun.
The gummy smiles, the belly-laugh giggles,
Your rolling thighs and endless wiggles.

You’ve shown me beauty, you’ve taught me grace;
All of this and more from your darling face.
But your purpose in life is bigger than this;
You were made for great things, none I hope to miss.

You are kind, strong and smart, brave as they get,
Sure to move mountains, if I were to bet.
No matter their height, tall or small,
May you continue to climb, shall you ever fall.

You can do anything, my courageous, strong girl,
When you lead with your heart,
You’ll make the world twirl.

So dream every day, the bigger the better.
Dream like no one is watching; be a goal-getter.
The path that you’re on, it’s unique to you;
Only you can make these wishes come true.

Find joy on your journey, no matter the day:
Choose it, be it, see it, as you lead the way.
Remember my love, for it always will be,
In and around you, as deep as the sea.

All my love,

One year with our baby girl. Happy birthday, Jacqueline Ruth!

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